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Storage Drop is a new concept operated by Blue Bear Self Storage. We want to adapt the self storage services we offer and provide a service which brings self storage to you, whether thats at your home or at your workplace. 

Our founders, George and James want to keep helping our customers find new and efficient ways to solve their storage needs. Storage Drop allows customers to utilise the space they already have. So if you have a garden, a driveway or some yard space at work and you need additional storage space, our units are the perfect solution for you. The units are flat packed which allows them to be carried through tight areas by our team (no heavy machinery needed) and they can be installed in about 30 minutes. The units are fully insulated so ideal for storing items all year round without the risk of anything being affected by the weather.

We have had really positive feedback from our customers so far so if you would like to learn more or rent a unit from us, please get in touch. 

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