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For all our frequently asked questions please scroll down to find answers: 

How It Works FAQs

We deliver a flat packed storage unit to your property or business and assemble it in a suitable location. We leave it there for you to store your belongings for as long as you need. When you have finished storing your items, we come back, dismantle the empty storage unit and take it away.

We cover Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Northamptonshire, Sussex and Warwickshire . However, if you’re outside our service area we are still able to supply units but delivery and collection may be slightly less flexible. Please call us to discuss 02031543127.

Yes, our team will install the unit and hand you the keys. You are then free to load the unit at your leisure. 

We ask for a minimum of 48 hrs notice, however, timeslots will depend on the delivery location and availability of units. We would always suggest you give as much advance notice as you can. 

The minimum storage period is 1 month. We cannot rent units for any period shorter than this. 

Yes. We prohibit our customers from storing any of the following;

Combustible, Flammable, Hazardous and/or Toxic Materials

These materials are considered inherently dangerous and may pose a threat to your storage units and the property around it. These materials include, but not limited to gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, lamp, and motor oil, acid, grease, corrosives, fertilizers, paint, cleaners, chemicals, narcotics, or hazardous, toxic or biological waste. We also don’t allow firearms, ammunition, fireworks, asbestos and/or asbestos-containing products, and any form of explosives.

Perishable foods and animal products

We allow the storage of canned foods, however, we don’t allow the storage of perishable food products like pet food, meats, and other products that are likely to spoil and attract pests.

Stolen Items/Illegal Goods

We take this very seriously. If you don’t legally own the property, you can’t legally store it.

Live Plants

The climate inside a storage unit is not suitable for live plants, and we abstain from storing them. Storing live plants will lead to the death of the plants and attraction of insects and vermin.

Medical/Pharmaceutical Equipment

Though we accept some medical supplies and equipment, radioactive equipment and/or any radioactive containing material cannot be legally stored in our units.

Pricing FAQs

We accept payment via our Stripe Payment system.

We will provide payment of your initial invoice prior to delivery and installation of the storage unit.

Monthly hire invoices will be charged automatically each month until you wish to terminate the hire agreement. 

We take a single £20.00 deposit to cover keys. This is refunded once the unit is collected and keys returned.

Storage Unit FAQs

We offer 48 sq ft (4.47 sq m), 70 sq ft (6.58 sq m) and 94 sq ft (8.7 sq m) units. Please note – the units can be combined and added together to make larger spaces if required.

Click here and select the ‘information buttons’ below the pricing columns to see a full list of dimensions and the cubic capacity of each unit.

Our storage units are made from galvanised steel and then powder coated to make them fully rust proof. The units have stainless steel door hinges and high grade dual key locks. The units are fully insulated and the floor is solid 18mm ‘Norbord’ Canadian Sterling Board.

Yes, they are fully waterproof and weather proof even with extensions added on. The units come with built in insulation to add total peace of mind and ensure complete protection against the elements.

Yes, if you have the space you can have as many units as you like. The units can be combined or joined together to make larger individual spaces with a single door or you can keep them separate and have multiple individual units.

Yes, the units are constructed with panels so they can be easily joined together to make larger spaces. We can be very flexible with your requirements. Please speak to the team for further details and to get delivery and installation prices. 

No, these units are not stackable.


All of our storage units are fitted with two 64mm deadlocks to ensure your valuables are secured to the highest standard. 

We restrict any movement of the units on site without our prior consent. If you wish to move a unit please call us on 0203 154 3127 or email us at

Our units can come in Green (RAL6005) or Blue (RAL5010) – colour choice will depend on availability at the time of booking.

Installation and Delivery FAQs

It is easy, simply give us a call on 02031543127.  Tell us which unit you want. We will provide a quote for installation and delivery based on your location. If you wish to proceed you can choose a date and we will deliver it at a time to suit you.

Our units are man portable so can be installed without heavy machinery. This said we will always ask where the unit is going and if the space or access is tight we may ask you to send some images and confirm some measurements. The unit dimensions can be found here by clicking on the ‘information buttons’ below the pricing columns.

Ideally the installation area should be as level as possible. If it is not then levelling solutions can be used. We may ask for images of the site location to be sent to us. Please do make us aware if the storage unit is going to be placed in an uneven location.

The standard installation time is between 30 and 40 minutes. The can vary depending on restrictions connected to the install location.

We can only allow our own trained staff to build the units.

Yes, you may cancel up to 48 hours before the day of your delivery. If you cancel after this period you will incur a £80.00 cancelation fee. Please call the team on 02031543127 to cancel your delivery.

Ending the rental agreement and Collection FAQs

Yes, simply email us at or call us on 02031543127 to cancel the rental agreement. We ask for 2 weeks notice. 

Simply email us at or call us on 02031543127 to cancel the rental agreement. We ask for 2 weeks notice. 

We ask for 2 weeks notice.

The unit must be empty on the day of collection. If the unit has items still in it and cannot be removed on the day of collection then the collection fee will be charge and fees for the additional storage period would also be charged.

Keys must be available when we come to collect the storage unit. If they are not and the team are unable to remove the storage unit, the collection fee will be charged and fees for the additional period of storage will also be charged. It is important that all the keys are returned with the unit so the key deposit can be refunded.  

Yes, you can cancel up to 48 hours before the day of your collection. Any cancellation after the period will incur a £80.00 admin fee.